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From classical Arabian elegance to modern sophistication, the stores at City Centre Ajman offering men’s fashion have something for every man, whether you’re looking for smart suits or relaxed casual wear. You’ll find a great selection of fashion for men, all gathered under one air-conditioned roof to make your shopping experience a pleasant one. With on-site parking, you never have to waste time looking for a parking spot close to the mall. Friendly staff are here to help you with the latest looks and those essential accessories such as belts, wallets, and leather shoes, to really finish off your look.

Men’s fashion stores such as BRANDS at City Centre Ajman cater to all ages, whether you’re a bright young professional or a mature gentleman who prefers a more refined and understated look. You’ll also find traditional clothes for men as well, including dishdashas and sirwal trousers. If you prefer a more western look, you’ll also find tailored suits and the latest inspirations from Europe, as well as casual clothes such as chinos, cargo pants, and polo shirts. Whether you’re looking for affordable, everyday casual wear or more exclusive designer brands, you’ll find a wealth of different choices at City Centre Ajman.

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