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The early years of a child's life are precious. This is the point in their lives when they start to develop essential skills to prepare for the future. Playing with toys may seem like pure fun for them, but it's so much more than that. They may not know it, but when they're playing with their toys, their brain is absorbing vital lessons and developing essential skills such as hand-eye coordination. The toys that we choose for our child to play with, from newborns to tots, are necessary for forming communication and thinking skills (plus many more). 

Where can you find toys that help a child have fun while learning? At the City Centre Ajman, the Early Learning Centre shop, situated on the ground floor for easy access and convenience, is the place to go for stimulating and exciting toys that’ll engage and entertain young children. It's the perfect place to buy toys for a range of ages and occasions. The Early Learning Centre specialises in toys that help children develop into happy and confident individuals. Whether you're looking for toys that will be appropriate for newborns, toddlers, or 4+ years, and if you want indoor or outdoor toys, the Early Learning Centre has everything you need.  

Playtime is an excellent opportunity to have fun and bond further with your child while helping your little ones develop their skills.

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