Guest Services



Free Wi-Fi service is available in the mall. Please connect to #Free_Mall_WiFi from the list of Wi-Fi networks. For any assistance, please visit the Customer Service Desks.

Baby Changing Rooms Facilities

We have baby changing rooms facilities in all women and men bathrooms, which are equipped with a changing station in addition to the comfortable seating for breast-feeding room which is available only in ladies wash room near entrance D.

Car Wash

We offer you car wash services while you enjoy shopping in our centre. Simply ask the staff in the parking to assist you and give you more details.

Chat with us

We are at your service!
Chat with our experts for assistance, enquiries and suggestions.

Currency Exchange and ATMS

You can easily exchange your local currency with Emirati Dirham from “Al Ansari Exchange” located at Entrance C.  Moreover, you can withdraw cash from ATMs available close to Entrance A, Entrance C ground and first floor, and Entrance D Ground floor. In addition to the banking services from ENBD near to Entrance A

Customer Service

There is one customer service desk located on the ground floor in Entrance B / Central Galleria. Customer service representatives can assist you with inquiries or complaints as well as offer a range of services including mall information, lost and found, portable chargers and redeeming your receipts during promotional periods. Our call center operates during the mall working hours and can be reached at 800 CC Mall (226255).

First Aid

The mall is equipped with qualified first aid team for minor injuries. Customer service desk is also equipped with a small first aid kit.

Gift Cards

With City Centre GiftCards, enjoy giving your family and friends the freedom to select their own gift at any store, cinema or restaurant, whenever, however.

Government Employees' Privileges

A list of where Government Employees can benefit from their Privileges Programs.

Kids Information

City Centre Ajman has got a lot of stuff for your little ones! Read more below to explore your options!

Lost & Found

Misplaced or lost an item during your visit? Contact security team 24/7 at +971 564475514.

Parking Information

3300 Parking pays are available in the 4 mall entrances A,B,C & D.

People of Determination Parking

All our entrances had dedicated parking for people of determinations.

Power Bank

Portable power banks are available at the Customer Service Desk in City Centre Ajman. Keep a battery backup close by so you can top-up your device while far from a wall outlet and enjoy your shopping experience at City Centre Ajman

Prayer Rooms

Prayer rooms for men and women are located on the first floor Entrance C.

Tax Free Planet

* Shoppers eligible for VAT / Sales Tax Refund:

“Overseas tourist” means any natural Person who is not resident in any of the Implementing States and who is not a crew member on a flight or aircraft leaving an Implementing State.

*Minimum spend:  250 dirhams

*Nearest Gate A

Taxi Drop-Off and Pick-up

Dedicated Taxi drop-off and pick-up area is located at Entrance A & C Entrance of the mall on ground floor. 

Tourist Information

To make your visit to City Centre Ajman a memorable and care free experience, offer an array of services specially designed to care of customers' needs and help them shop with ease. Visitors to the Mall can make use of these services by contacting the customer service desk.


Wheelchairs are available for free in the wheel chair cabinet in each entrance.